No matter if you operate a business, own an office building, manage a warehouse, or you’re in charge of educational or religious facilities, there’s a good chance that some part of your flooring at some point will need repainting or a brand new coating. New paint may be for aesthetic reasons, or it may be for increased safety, but the approach is usually the same for addressing the surface and condition of your commercial flooring. If you find that you need commercial floor painting, specialty coatings, or concrete polishing, then there’s a systematic plan that you need to follow to get the maximum out of your investment.

Plan Accordingly

For commercial floor painting, the most significant factor of success is a strategic schedule. Preferably work ought to be completed during off-hours when customers and employees aren’t distracted. If that can’t happen, you need to work cautiously with your commercial painting contractor to summarize a plan that methodically shuts down regions of your building without causing any work delays or inconveniences to staff or customers.

Prioritize Prep

Once you’ve noticed which regions of your commercial building need floor painting or polishing, remove any furniture or equipment and inspect the flooring. Look for indicators of injury which need to repair, such as mold, water harm, cracks, or pitting. In case the problem impacts the final results of floor painting, they need to be correct and professionally repaired before work begins.

Choose Paints Carefully

Choosing the right paint for your commercial flooring extends beyond a color palette. Are you currently painting for looks or safety? Do these paints and coatings need to stand up to high traffic volumes? Just how much effort are you looking to add care? These are all questions you need to ask of your commercial floor painting contractor when picking which types of paint and coatings you’ll need for the project.

Consider Going Green

Going green is the category of selecting your paints and coatings cautiously. In case your organization supports sustainability, now’s the ideal time to showcase those efforts. Converse with your commercial maint contractors about non or no-VOC paints and coatings which don’t impact indoor air quality and working environments and the health of your staff and customers.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Even the highest-quality business floor paints and coatings won’t comply with stained or dirty flooring. It’s not just enough to wash; you’ll need pro-caliber gear to sweep, scrub, and thoroughly dry flooring before painting or coatings are applied. This way, the bond will adhere much longer, and you’ll be happier with the final results.

Provide the Fantastic Environment

Precisely like painting the exterior or interior walls of your commercial building, factors such as temperature and moisture will impact how commercial floor paints and coatings will dry. Speak to your commercial paint contractor about the ideal temperature and moisture levels for the process you’ve selected, and offer the tools and gear to maintain these levels.

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